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The Role of the Christian Librarian in a Theologically Turbulent Age

Added Wednesday 4th November 2015

In the Annual Public Lecture of Christians in Library and Information Services, Kevin Carey argues that the 20th Century was the most theologically fruitful since the 16th, seeking to address a wide range of issues, both systematic and ethical, and that such diversity of approach and topic presents the librarian with a peculiar set of challenges whose resolution is vital to the non-academician seeking to broaden and deepen their Christian faith.

You can read the full lecture, which was given by Kevin Carey, Chair RNIB, on Saturday 17th October 2015 at Salisbury Library.


Added Friday 2nd October 2015

It is right and proper that we should contribute to the temporary expedient of caring for refugees in their camps but that is only a starting point. Politicians have believed for some years now that we are a mean spirited people who want to keep foreigners out, no matter what their reason for wishing to be among us. Before Aylan Kurdi's corpse went global, they believed that the way to stay popular was to stay immoral, to pander to our worst xenophobia, to deliberately conflate the issues of Eastern European workers, West African paupers, Eritrean victims of torture and Syrian refugees. Well, they have been found out but, in a sad way, so have we. And it is time to make amends by publicly stating that we are prepared to accept and finance the residence here of hundreds of thousands of refugees if that is how many want to come here. Grudgingly talking about fair shares is an inadequate response.

The question being asked of us is not being asked by the refugees, it is being asked by Jesus. It is time to respond by opening our arms in welcome.

Read all of Kevin Carey's sermon on the refugee crisis


Added Saturday 4th April 2015

1. Trudge down the windy road,
A house without a light,
The chill of empty fires
And soon the lonely night:
A triumph for a day,
The panic of the tomb;
Enigmas cloud the brain,
Sprung from the Upper Room.

2. Our heavy hearts pick up
A traveller's quickened pace
Who walks a step behind
Hiding his eyes and face:
His words burn deep as fire
Where coldness lay before;
A pattern to explain
A message to restore.

3. Though we were still downcast
His gentleness was such
We asked him to come in:
We could not offer much
Late on a Sunday night,
Having been so long away;
But he would ease our grief
If he agreed to stay.

4. He acted like our host,
Giving the wine and bread
And then we understood
The things that He had said:
First in the Upper Room,
Next in the empty tomb,
Then on the open road,
Now in our humble home.

5. Lord, now that You have gone
Back to Your Father's care,
May we be comforted
As if You were still here:
The light within our home,
Our brother in distress,
Our daily sustenance,
Our guide to happiness.

Taken from Hymns for Ash Wednesday to Pentecost.

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