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In designing this series of four discussions for those considering Confirmation and those wanting to examine their Christianity from a bedrock position, I thought about using fictional characters and 'edgy' rhetoric to raise the key issues but in the end I concluded that what people really want is a straight set of challenges which allows them to focus on the issues rather than being diverted by the style in which the issues are presented.

Some people may regard these four discussions as difficult but who said understanding what it means to be a follower of Jesus should be simple? For sure, there are those who live their lives in the womb of a simple, unchallenged faith, but they are not us. 'Simple faith' is not an option, it is a gift of time and place which few of us will receive. Our gift will be the power of witness in a pluralist world and this series of discussions is designed to set us on our way.

Kevin Carey



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