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A Trinitarian Yardstick for the General Election

Added Friday 12th May 2017

Vote for those who, no matter how imperfectly: nurture God's creation; prosecute Christ's social justice; live in the love and Grace of the Spirit; and who favour the communal life of the Trinity to the competitive life of the idolater.

Meditations for Advent

Added Monday 28th November 2016

Light a fire, pull up a comfortable chair, and let Kevin Carey's Advent Firesiders gently provoke your comfortable Christmas contemplation.

This year's reflections include:

  1. Trump-it Blues
  2. What Are We Going To Do about Christmas?
  3. Talking Turkey
  4. What The Dickens?
  5. Shepherds
  6. Favourite Things.

The Role of the Christian Librarian in a Theologically Turbulent Age

Added Wednesday 4th November 2015

In the Annual Public Lecture of Christians in Library and Information Services, Kevin Carey argues that the 20th Century was the most theologically fruitful since the 16th, seeking to address a wide range of issues, both systematic and ethical, and that such diversity of approach and topic presents the librarian with a peculiar set of challenges whose resolution is vital to the non-academician seeking to broaden and deepen their Christian faith.

You can read the full lecture, which was given by Kevin Carey, Chair RNIB, on Saturday 17th October 2015 at Salisbury Library.

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