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Most of the articles are written by Kevin Carey and are provided because he is frequently asked for copies of his sermons and other material. This website has been set up to make Kevin's work more widely available.

We hope you will enjoy the material and find some of it useful.

About Kevin Carey

Kevin is a Reader in his home parish of Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex. He has an MA in systematic theology from King’s College London and continues to study widely.

For many years he has been writing words for carols and hymns, poems and reflections and, together with the sermons, this forms the backbone of the site's content — but there are now more substantial offerings such as full Lent Courses. The Good Friday meditations for 2011 have been widely acclaimed. His words for a Christmas Oratorio were set to music by Alan Smith and premiered last Christmas.

In October 2010 he published Perpetua, the first novel in the series entitled The Third Testament for the Third Millennium (3T3M), a bold and exciting series of four books (in three volumes) which re-tells the whole of the New Testament in a 21st Century context. It covers all the key issues raised by Jesus and his immediate followers and adds many of concern to Christians today.

The other books in the series are in the final pre-publication stage and will be published later in 2011 by Sacristy Press.

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