Compline of Light


Can: The Light of the Lord be with you
Res: And drive away our darkness.

Can: May the light search into your soul
Res: And cleanse us of our sin.

Can: May it lead you to your resting place
Res: And to our eternal rest.

Can: Glory be to the Father, source of Light
And to His Son through whom the Light was shown to the world
And to The Holy Spirit of Light and Grace
Res: As it was in Heaven
Is now and ever shall be,
Beyond all human sense of time and space. 


  1. Lord, You are the light of our souls,
    Shining out to lead us through the wicked world:
    The light that has never forsaken us,
    Leading us to our final resting place.
  2. Shine down upon us now as we exalt Your name,
    Searching out all our faults and imperfections:
    Cleanse us with the Spirit's healing Grace
    And give us strength for what we did today and must do tomorrow.
  3. May we in Your light be witnesses of the Word,
    Carrying our tiny candles in Your name:
    May we not falter in the fear of darkness
    For You will never abandon us in our need
  4. You led Your people in a pillar of fire by night
    And in a pillar of cloud through the desert by day:
    You sent Your Only Son to lead us out of sin
    Who emerged from Calvary's blackness into resurrecting light.
  5. May the light of the Resurrection shine in our hearts,
    Filling us with gladness when worldly troubles gather:
    Not as an escape from the wickedness of the world,
    But as a beacon, spurring us on in Your name.
  6. May we see the weakness in ourselves and the good in others,
    Humble in Your name but proud in what You have done for us:
    May we be thankful no matter how things appear,
    Filled with Faith and buoyed by the Hope Your Son brought us.
  7. In the hour of evening turn our thoughts to our enemies,
    That we may settle all accounts in Your name before we rest:
    May our only enemies be Your enemies
    Whom we resolve to bring into Your fold.
  8. Having made good all things in Your name, bring us to peace,
    Guard us from the misgivings of the wakeful night:
    Give us the strength to love You better tomorrow,
    And the grace to thank You for all of Your blessings.
  9. We lay ourselves to rest in Your unbounded fold,
    Safe in Your light from the darkness that surrounds it:
    May we always return to You no matter how far we wander,
    And may we one day be one in the fellowship of light.
  10. All Glory to the light of the Father
    And to His Son who brought it into our wicked world:
    And to the Spirit who sustains it in our hearts;
    Trinity of light, shine on us tonight.

Can: The Light of The Lord shine upon you
Res: And fill us with the clarity of peace.

Can: May it shine upon those who love The Lord
Res: And be a beacon to the unbeliever.


(Gonfallon Royal)

  1. O light beyond the eye of man,
    That penetrates the darkest soul,
    Shine now to save what You began,
    Making us worthy of Your goal. 
  2. Give us the courage to forgive,
    The inner peace to take our rest,
    That we tomorrow may re-live
    Your Son's command with zeal and zest. 
  3. Shine that our weaknesses are known,
    That self deception is abhorred,
    So we may come to be Your own,
    Our strength revived, our faith restored.


Gospel Canticle 

Sentence: Shine to illumine through the day
And to protect us through the night
That we may learn to watch and pray
Then take our rest within Your sight. 

Lord, let Your servant now depart in peace,
According to Your Word, such sweet release;
For my eyes have seen salvation in Your face,
For Israel and all the human race:
A light throughout the world that all may be
Fulfilled through Israel's faithfulness to Thee.

Sentence: Shine to illumine through the day
And to protect us through the night
That we may learn to watch and pray
Then take our rest within Your sight.

John 1.1-14.

Can: God of God
Res: Light of Light.

Can: The Light of Christ
Res: Is the Light of mankind.

Can: Jesus, by the power of God, Light of the World
Res: Show us the Light of Life.

All: May the Lord Our God pardon all our sins and, through the light of His Grace: show us how we may bear witness, carrying the light within us and making it shine out in the darkness of the world. Amen.

Can: Walk in the light so that you may find your way
Res: May we, in believing, be the children of Light.


O Lord, the Light of truth, shine down on us that we may seek the way and resist the darkness of evil. Watch over us in Your unending goodness that we may greet the dawn with glad hearts, proud to bear witness to The Word. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit; Amen.

Lord, whose light shone through the world in the witness of Your Only Son, Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, may we hold His image ever before us as we seek our rest; through His merits offered to You for our sake and in the power of The Spirit. Amen.

Can: Our Father
Res: Our father...


Sentence: The Grace...

O Holy Spirit who sustains the Light of the World in our hearts, protect us from all evil tonight and renew us with Your grace that we may be worthy of the life God has given us today and our mission tomorrow; we ask this of Our Father, in the love of The Son; Amen.