Green Compline

Opening Prayer

O lord, may we be fortified by the beauty of Your creation, the glory of Your Son's Resurrection and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit to grow in love and in the wisdom of Your Word as we enter the season of Green.

May we be stewards of Your Word in the time of green vestments and stewards of your earth in the time of growth and harvest. Amen.


Can: May we be stewards of Your Word
Res: And cause it to prosper throughout the world.

Can: May we love the world you have made
Res: But love it for You and not for itself.

Can: May we give and take in gladness
Res: But give quietly and take modestly.


Psalm 65:9-13


(Now That the Festivals are Done (H&C 473))

  1. Now that the Festivals are done,
    The banners furled and stowed,
    May we resume our steady way
    Along the pilgrim road. 
  2. May we be kind to all we meet
    And prudent with Your gifts,
    Prayerful for what might drag us down,
    Thankful for what uplifts.
  3. In wonder at the world without,
    May we grow strong within,
    That we may praise the harvester
    When we are gathered in.


Exodus 17:5-6


Can: Lord, now that we have been blessed with the riches of Your Passion, Resurrection and Ascension and confirmed in the power of The Spirit, may we grow towards Your Light.
Res: For we are the Grass of Your field

Can: Lord, may we never tire of thanking You for the earth and its wonders; for that which inspires and uplifts; but also for every person. For each is a part of You.

Can: Lord, may we pray and preach justice throughout the world; may none go hungry, may none be greedy.

Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, who walked through the crops to enliven Your promise of The Kingdom, may our souls prosper as the ripening of Your earthly gifts that all may know You through our gladness. Teach us to be firm but gentle in pursuit of Your justice; and may our ambition be subservient to Your will. We make this prayer through You to the Father in the good counsel of the Holy Spirit. Amen.