At the Foot of the Cross 2009


The theme behind these Good Friday Meditations is the way in which we live out its events in our daily lives, not so much individually as collectively, by what we sanction by our actions but even more so by our silence; we are not the officials or the soldiers but the sometimes pained, sometimes curious, spectators; but we do not intervene.

It would be fanciful to say that the conceit is not somewhat contrived - such occasions as this which call for a new perspective every year test ingenuity - but, in spite of its apparent anomaly, if I could only deliver one Meditation of the five, it would be on mockery, our most besetting sin.

These Meditations are dedicated to all those who work for peace and justice, here and throughout the world.

Kevin Carey
Hurstpierpoint, March 2009


Please select a section:

  1. The Scourging - Casual Violence
  2. Thorns - Nature Subverted
  3. Mockery - Just Joking
  4. Nails - The Point Is
  5. The Lance - The Turning Point