News: The Christmas Spirit

Added Monday 22nd December 2008

The Spirit celebrates Her child
In silver star and diamond snow
To let her raptured maiden know
How she is faithful, sweet and wild.

     She is the sparkling
     She is the song they sing
     She is the news they bring
     She is the star beckoning.

The Spirit celebrates Her Word,
Good news in harmony unknown
Which leads the awestruck shepherds on
To see the lamb that is their Lord.

     She is the sparkling…

The Spirit celebrates her king
With gifts secured in rough-hewn wood
By nails of fatal brotherhood,
Sealed with the stamp of suffering.

     She is the sparkling

The Spirit celebrates our God,
Forged flesh from light's divine desire
Quickening all hearts with sacred fire
To know God in our flesh and blood.

     She is the sparkling