News: Prayers for Lovers

Added Monday 19th January 2009

This year's Lent Course is now available on the Jesus4u website. Entitled "Prayers for Lovers", it was written in response to observations such as: "I don't know how to pray", "When it comes to praying, I feel as if I am not doing my duty," and "When it comes to private prayer, I feel completely bewildered; I can never get rid of distractions."

The course is written from the standpoint of a fellow struggler, and draws on the following three ideas:

  • Prayer is about relationship with God;
  • With perseverance, love grows in depth even if it varies in intensity;
  • Prayer resembles sex, a very specific aspect of love, because we expect more of it than it usually delivers but at its best it is life transforming; and we think that other people are invariably  'better' at it than we are.