News: Advent and Christmas

Added Friday 19th November 2010

Advent and Christmas are almost upon us, so you may enjoy hymns for the period Advent to Candlemas. The extract below is Come, Jesus, Come. This has been set to music by Alan Smith.

  1. Come, Jesus Come: we cry aloud
    To bring new hope to weary earth;
    We cannot help ourselves, yet know
    Cruel death will follow wondrous birth.
  2. Come, Jesus, come, our eyes are burned
    As pride and greed shed toxic light;
    We cannot help ourselves yet know
    Angels will promise heavenly sight.
  3. Come Jesus come: our ears are drowned
    In choirs of selfish blasphemy;
    We cannot help ourselves yet know
    Your selfless grace brings liberty.
  4. Come Jesus Come: our hearts are sore
    With beating to the idol's drum;
    We cannot help ourselves but know
    You are the one: Come, Jesus, Come!