News: Advent Fireside Meditations

Added Wednesday 13th November 2013

Four meditations to be enjoyed "by the fireside" this Advent are now on the Jesus4u website. This year the theme is Tradition and Today, exploring the contrasts between tradition and life today.

The firesiders can be found here: Week 1 – Week 2 – Week 3 – Week 4 – Week 5

I know it's a bit of a generalisation, but haven't you noticed how het-up non-believers get about what they do and where they go on Christmas Day? All over the country in the weeks before the special day, people agonise over how they can get out of spending yet another acrimonious day with their Uncle Stanley. I know, one line of thought is that it's our Christian duty to donate the day of Christ's birth to people we ought to live, even if we don't like them, not least our own family members; but it's often occurred to me that Uncle Stanley is feeling much the same thing about us. Where there is virtue in conscious, open and honest attempts to love, there's no virtue in a grim compact of mutual silence.

The solution? Read this year's Firesiders to find out!