News: Candlemas

Added Friday 23rd January 2015

A Stranger in Bethlehem (book cover)1. Twixt crib and cross
Twixt straw and bark
Twixt holly and thorn
Twixt light and dark:
A candle for a maid
Twixt happy and sad.

2. Bound gloom and gold
Bound Smoke and blood,
Bound myrrh and tomb,
Bound star and cloud:
A candle for a maid
Bound Swaddle and shroud.

3. Raised love from hate
Raised plough from sword
Raised life from death
Raised flesh from Word:
A candle for a maid
Who bore Our Lord.

Candle for a Maid, from Volume I of Kevin Carey's gorgeously-illustrated poetry for Advent to Candlemas, A Stranger in Bethlehem, available from Sacristy Press for £5.99, or as an e-book.