Jesus: A Portrait

Chapter 4: Jesus The Healer

His heart went out to them (p51). Lists of healing miracles (p52). Two Paralysed Men (Mark 2:1-12; John 5:1-10) (p53). Connecting disability and sin (p54). Two Healings in Synagogues (Mark 3:1-6; Luke 13:10-17); welfare over Sabbath; features to be noted (p55). Two Healings of Lepers (Mark 1:42-45; Luke 17:11-19); thanks to Jesus rather than God (p57). "The Dead Are Raised"; Luke 7:22 refers to Luke 7:11-17; 8:40-56; Mark 5:21-43; list of similarities and dissimilarities between young man of Nain and Jairus' daughter (p59). Doing good to gentiles (Matthew 8:5-13) (p60). Mark 7:24-30, "... only example in ... Gospels of an exorcism that takes place at a distance and ... of someone who wins an argument with Jesus"; Mark 7:31; 8:1-10; 6:36-44; (it may be) that the first feeding was for Jews, the second for Gentiles; Exorcisms: Mark, Matthew and Luke reflect a widespread dread of demons (p60). Jesus was engaged against personal powers of evil: 1. the massive destructive folly of savage conflicts: "... we don't believe in the devil, but the devil does believe in us" - Bernard Levin; good people led astray: C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters (p62). Mark 5:1-20 seems to have been a Gentile; author does not go into the nature of "evil spirits" and/or mental illness - KC (p63).