Reading Luke: Interpretation, Reflection, Formation (Scripture and Hermeneutics Series - Volume 6)

Bartholomew, Craig G.; Green, Joel b. & Thiselton, Anthony C.
Paternoster (UK); Zondervan (USA) (2005)
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This review accompanies the Study Sheet Luke Hermeneutics.

This collection of essays on Lucan hermeneutics  ranges from the workmanlike statement of the almost obvious through to the arcane. Occasionally there is a flash of genius but most of the text is laboured and runs the risk of being overblown. The best essays are the first by Anthony Thiselton which you should read carefully as it summarises all the key arguments in subsequent contributions and the last which introduces the concept of the hermeneutics of the visual arts. Between these two the quality varies but the titles of the essays are straightforward. Specialists on particular subjects will no doubt enjoy catching up on their specialisms and the chapter bibliographies are invaluable.