Spiritual Intelligence: A New Way of Being

Draper, Brian
Lion Hudson (2009)
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There is a massive segment of the publishing industry that supplies "how to" books but the strange paradox is that most of these are read by people who already know how to. Cookery books are mostly read by cooks and car manuals by motor enthusiasts.

The same applies to "how to" books in the Christianity market. I love this book by Brian Draper, a well loved Thought for the Day regular, because it's packed with aphorisms of his own and those culled from others but I doubt that anybody will read it who comes cold to the subject from off the street and wants to end up talking to God privately at home and corporately in church.

For those who think they will enjoy the aphorisms there is the problem of overcoming a structure which imposes an unduly rigid pattern on the text. Draper approaches spiritual intelligence, a concept developed by Danah Zohar as that core of our intelligence which enables us to reach our full potential as creatures, by taking us on a journey of spiritual transformation at four levels:

which makes some kind of sense but then each of these is divided into:

You won't want to buy the book if I list all my favourite aphorisms but here are a few:

and all of those are in the opening chapters.

So buy this book if you want to increase your store of potted wisdom but if you're reading this review you probably won't want the book to fulfil the purpose for which it was written.