Sermons and Prayers for Lambeth


Holy Trinity, Cuckfield

On the Eve of the Lambeth Conference, we must avoid artificial theological dichotomy; exercise restraint in drawing "obvious" conclusions from the Word and re-invigorate the "impartiality" of the Eucharist; and remember that doctrine is metaphorical. We need to face outwards to a suffering world and put our internal conflict into that context, recognising that to be "Catholic" is to embrace not exclude. As more than half of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion (GAFCON Attendees and absentees who oppose the Ordination of women), in affirming their orthodoxy implicitly deny the orthodoxy of many Anglicans, it is vital to assess the role of Bishops.

Preached at Evensongs, Holy Trinity, Cuckfield, June 2008.


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