The Deliverance of God: an Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul


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The Deliverance of God: an Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul (Read a review)


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  1. Introduction
  2. Part one: Justification Theory and its Implications
  3. Chapter One: The Heart of the Matter: the Justification Theory of Salvation
  4. Chapter Two: Intrinsic Difficulties
  5. Chapter Three: Systematic Difficulties
  6. Chapter Four: The Question of Judaism
  7. Chapter Five: The Question of Conversion
  8. Chapter Six: Beyond Old and New Perspectives
  9. Part Two: The Hermeneutical Clarifications
  10. Chapter Seven: The Recognition of a Discourse
  11. Chapter Eight: Distortions: The Church-Historical Pedigree
  12. Chapter Nine: Dangers - The Modern European Pedigree
  13. Part Three: The Conventional Reading and Its Problems
  14. Chapter Ten: A Mighty Fortress: Justification Theory's Textual Base
  15. Chapter Eleven: Feet of Clay
  16. Chapter Twelve: Wide and Narrow Paths
  17. Part Four - a Rhetorical and Apocalyptic Rereading
  18. Chapter Thirteen: Rereading The Frame
  19. Chapter Fourteen: Rereading Romans 1.18-3.20 - Indictment Reconsidered
  20. Chapter Fifteen: Faith and Syntax in Romans 1.16-17 and 3.21-31
  21. Chapter Sixteen: Atonement and "Justification" in Romans 3.21-26
  22. Chapter Seventeen: The Deliverance of God and Its Rhetorical Implications
  23. Chapter Eighteen: Rereading Romans 3.27-4.25 - Our Forefather Reconsidered
  24. Part Five: Rereading the Heartland
  25. Chapter Nineteen: Rereading the Rest of Romans
  26. Chapter Twenty: Rereading Galatians
  27. Chapter Twenty-One: Rereading the Heartland - Philippians and Beyond
  28. Conclusions