Genesis Overview: Isac Stories

Isac narrative is relatively limited compared with Abraham and Jacob; not a narrative but a mosaic of very great age. It contains seven units: 1-6, 7-11, 12-14, 15-17a, 17b-22, 23-33, 34-35. Except for the link material in 26.3b-5, and 26.34-5 from p, the text is from J but not harmonised with 25 and 27.

26.1-6: The older pronouncement in 26.3a is greatly expanded into "a mighty programmatic speech" (p270). Abraham's merit is given a new dimension.

26.7-11: cf. 12.10-20 in J and 20 from E, although the king, designated as a Philistine, is an anachronism. Perhaps this account is the oldest of the three.

26.12-14: 26.15 and 26.18 must be later, creating a connection between this passage and 26.25.

26.15-22: Isac is playing in character. Isac cf. 26.22, often portrayed as a sufferer but this is not justified.

26.23-25: God's appearances are not confined to place but to a group of men.

26.26-33: cf. 21.22f in E. Abimilech's situation changed.

26.34-35: This small P extract anticipates 27.46 and 28.1-9.

KC VI/14

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