Paul in Acts

There is a detailed summary of Paul in Acts in Study Sheet 29, so this Study Sheet simply raises issues in the narrative, remembering that much of what we know about Paul is in his own words in his Epistles.

  1. Luke & Paul. What connections can we see between the theological outlooks of Luke and Paul. On the surface at least, Luke is a much more charismatic, socially motivated theologian whereas Paul is much more legalistic, drawing on his Rabbinic training. They seem to disagree strongly about the role of women and about the necessity for social action.
  2. Narrative. What is the significance of the change of person in Acts 16:10? How legitimate is it for Luke to report speeches he did not hear?
  3. Paul and the Apostles. Paul seems quite naturally to have frightened Peter and his colleagues and after his conversion and Damascus escapade he was exiled; what reasons might there be for this?
  4. Paul and followers. Paul went through an impressive list of personal assistants before and during his imprisonment. What was the nature of these relationships?
  5. Mission strategy. Although Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles he almost always began his mission in a new city with the Jews. Why might this be?
  6. Eschatology. Paul's letters are full of eschatological warning but it is a subject that hardly concerns Luke; why?
  7. Travelling plans. Paul seems to have been checked in some of his plans and encouraged in others; what is the significance of this?
  8. The Law. Paul underwent three trials; how are these the same and how are they different?
  9. Outlook. Is Paul anti Jewish?
  10. Endings. Why does Acts stop where it does?

KC iii/06

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