Prayer - a Beginning

Prayer is: communication between human beings and a deity.

Because we are Christians who believe in a personal God who is love and who created everything - visible and invisible - out of love, our definition needs to be modified:

Christian Prayer is: Two way communication between God and humanity.

Because this is communication between two different categories, it is bound to be difficult but as Christians we believe that making the attempt is the prime duty of our createdness. We generally accept that the form which our communication to God should be:

We believe that the form of communication from God to us are:

As these are categories of sacred regard expressed in human language they are metaphors and indivisible.

Because of the inter category nature of prayer, we have to develop highly speculative ways of making it effective. We therefore cannot expect instant or constant 'success'. In some senses, the attempt. or process, is as important as the outcome; because we are created we are obliged to attempt to pray no mater how difficult that may be.

As most people experience grave difficulties but think that their situation is unique, we want to kick off an occasional series on prayer based on authors by thinking bout our own prayer and sharing our experiences. If the use of "I" is too personal, try saying how prayer might or might not 'work'.

Before you come to the group, think about the key words which identify your 'success' and 'shortcomings' in prayer.

If you do not have a starting point of your own:

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