Holy Week 2011


Although these monologues are not entirely based on the Gospel of Luke, it provided the original idea for his is the Gospel of: 'Everyman', and everywoman; generosity to Peter and the Apostles; Mary; and, to a certain degree, of the 'control' of Jesus at his Crucifixion, less marked than in John but more so than in Matthew and Mark.

The first five were written for Good Friday; and the sixth simply for completion, although it would be good to have it delivered as a reflection at a service of evening prayer on Easter Day.

Some may find these monologues in the face of excruciating pain somewhat operatic but that is what these pieces are meant to be; they are to be acted not merely read aloud.

Kevin Carey


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  1. Everyman
  2. Caiaphas
  3. Peter
  4. Mary
  5. Jeshua
  6. Everyman
  7. Cleopas