Bible Reading Guide


This Bible reading guide has been designed so that users can read:

The Guide is linked to various Bible translations so that it can be used on-line as well as being a quick reference guide.

For ease of reference the cycles are shown separately and combined.

There are some notes on editorial issues but this is not meant to be an exhaustively scholarly exercise where inclusions and omissions are scrupulously determined. I think that 25 Chapters per day including the daily reading of Psalms is quite demanding enough for most people and while I believe that the Bible is integral I think that my omissions are reasonable.

I would, as always, welcome constructive comment (email; electronic documents are simple to amend.

For what it is worth, I stick to the Psalms and NT cycles but use the OT cycle four or five times a year, depending on my schedule, other reading and an annual reading of the Apocrypha.


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  1. 60-day Old Testament
  2. 30-day Psalms
  3. 30-day New Testament
  4. 60-day Combined Guide
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