Pastoral Care Training Pack


Beverley Miles
Rev. Stephen Gurr
Kevin Carey

October 2008

This Pastoral Care Training Pack Version 3.0 grew out of a rich store of material developed by Rev. Stephen Gurr and Beverley Miles. I constructed a standard framework for a course growing out of their work; and their resources have been incorporated into my text or listed in the Resources Sections of the Units, together with material from the Rev. John Joyce and Tim Moulds.  Eight of the ten Units have been revised as the result of a teaching course and the remaining two have been revised for consistency.

We have chosen the format of a pack rather than a booklet so that the material can be updated and supplemented in the light of its use (e.g. I developed the structure during the 2008 financial 'crash' and, accordingly, wrote a Unit on money).

We are looking for an editor who will receive additional material and integrate it into the pack; but in the meantime all material should be sent to:

The pack is available for down-load from:

Kevin Carey
June 2009


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  1. Introduction
  2. Unit 1: Overview - Beginning the Journey
  3. Unit 2: Listening - The God Who Listens
  4. Unit 3: Suffering - The Suffering Servant
  5. Unit 4: Care - My Brother's Keeper
  6. Unit 5: Grief - Jesus Wept
  7. Unit 6: Relationships; Love One Another
  8. Unit 7: Money - The Lilies of the Field
  9. Unit 8: Worry - Martha & Mary
  10. Unit 9: Prayer & Scripture - Watch and pray
  11. Unit 10: Reflection - Journey's End and A New Beginning