Holy Week 2011


What do you mean, I shouted insults at him? Well, yes, I suppose I did! But you can't be too careful these days. It doesn't do to stand out from the crowd. It's bad for trade and it can be dangerous. People don't want to be associated with outsiders.

Yes, Yes! I know I was there when he came into Jerusalem but I got a bit carried away and probably said some things that are better forgotten, about him being a king. But you didn't see any of his miracles, did you? I was there at the beginning so I know what I'm talking about; but there's so much trouble these days. You have to be really careful. There are Roman rules and our own Law and ingrained working practises, and tribal traditions and family customs and going against any of these gets you into trouble so there's an awful lot of trouble to stay out of.

Jeshua? Well, don't be stupid! Of course he was a good man. I didn't say he wasn't, did I? I mean you can't say that healers aren't good people. He did a lot of good and he was an engaging teacher. But he got carried away. He started to ask for too much, from the people, from the religious authorities, from the politicians. You can't go round, even if you're a healer, waving goodness in people's face; they don't like it.

Yes, Yes, I keep on telling you that I thought he was good. How many times do I have to say it? But he went too far. He was upsetting people. And if you're an ordinary man, like he was - and from Galilee - you can't go round upsetting people.

True, true. It would be very nice if there was some kind of reform of the Law; but it's impossible. You can't change the law of Moses no matter how holy you are; that's why holy people get unpopular; they want to put themselves above the Law; and you can't do that. It might be a bit onerous but at least you know where you are. Jeshua seemed to want an impossible degree of goodness. Well, we're only human.

Yes, I know, I was with him for a long time; that's why I know what he was all about; but it's not sensible to be linked with somebody who's been executed as a criminal; I've got the family to think about. I am going to need a new job.

They were good days. But all good things come to an end.

Yes, I can see his mother and his close followers standing together over there. I wonder what they will do?