Genesis 1-25 Theology

The following is a simple table of the theology in Genesis 1-25:

God creates the earth & demands to be worshipped
3 Adam & Eve: Humans aspire to godhead, discover their vulnerability and their 'fall' from perfection
4 Cain's inadequate tribute, the birth of murder and mistrust
6-9 Creation defaced by the children of angels; God regrets creation and resolves to destroy earth; Noah's faithfulness rewarded in the ark; earth saved; God makes a covenant with humans
11 Pride leads to oppression and then division
12 The nomads begin a purposeful journey; Abram leaves civilisation for the wilderness with God; a meeting with God; God makes an eternal Covenant with His People; the lure of Egypt tests loyalty
13 The parting of the ways between faithfulness and corruption
14 Lot chooses the earthly way but is saved by Abraham; Milchisidek blesses Abraham
15/17 A vision of God; the Covenant reinforced by circumcision
16 Hagar: fulfilment delayed
18 Annunciation; begging for God's mercy on Sodom
19 Lot's dilemma; he is saved
21 The child of promise; Ishmael: God protects the wanderers
21 Abimilech: God outside Abraham's family
22 The sacrifice of Isaac; the ultimate test
23 Sarah: promise fulfilled in death
24 To preserve faithfulness, Isaac must have a wife from within his people; God leads Abraham's steward to Rebecca, God's chosen bride; meeting at the well of the vision
25 The promise assured. Abraham dies in faith, owning nothing in the "Promised Land" but his own grave. Earthly Esau carelessly sells birthright to holy Jacob for a pittance.

Taken From: Ward, Keith: The Promise, SPCK, 1980

KC v/06

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