Genesis 26-50 Theology

The following is a simple table of the theology in Genesis 25-50:

Chapter Topic
Isaac the quiet man of God remains patient and faithful
27 Rebecca corrupts Jacob to preserve Abraham's line from Esau’s godlessness; their punishment Jacob's exile; (Jacob dies in second exile, cf Chapter 50)
28 Despairing Jacob's vision of God; the renewed promise
29 Jacob deceived by Laban over Leah and Rachel
30 12 tribes born of deceit, jealousy and entanglement; God remains with Jacob in exile
31 Jacob returns to the Promised Land
32 Jacob prays to God instead of bargaining then faces up to his past and God in a night long struggle and is blessed as Israel
33 Reconciliation
34 Dinah's rape (cf Chapter 9) at Shechem avenged in excess violence
35 Death of Rachel: Israel's last years sad and unfulfilled
37 Father Israel's deceit punished by 'loss' of favourite son
38 The line of Judah preserved by Tamar's deceit
39-41 God protects Joseph in Egypt: the interpretation of dreams; famine foretold Joseph exalted
42 10 Brothers remember their cruelty which Joseph repays with kindness
44-45 The brothers repent and are reconciled to Joseph; Israel leaves the Promised Land
46-47 Israel in Egypt blesses Pharaoh
48 Joseph's children adopted; Israel prefers servant Ephraim over powerful Manasseh
49 Israel foretells of Judah's pre-eminence
50 Israel waits in Egypt for the return of God.

Taken from: Ward, Keith: the Promise, SPCK 1980

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