Mary - Vatican II

The Second Vatican Council on The Blessed Virgin Mary in the Mystery of Christ and the Church: Dei Verbum, Chapter 8.

"God wanted Jesus' presence to reflect freedom, commitment and divine intimacy and so for the Mother of Jesus God chose someone who was free, committed to faith and filled with God's love. God chose Mary, Mary chose God."

Critical questions for Anglicans:

  1. Did Mary receive a 'raw deal' from the Reformation?
  2. Do we understand Mary's separate role from that of Christ; and if it is in some way 'inferior' why would we call on her rather than Christ?
  3. Do we accept the distinctive Catholic teaching on The Assumption of Mary and, if not, is this critical? Is it the doctrine or the process that causes the problem?
  4. Does the Virgin Birth a present us with a dualist problem?
  5. How important is the emerging doctrine of Mary, Co Redemptrix?

Partly taken from:

Huebsch & Thurmes: Vatican II in Plain English, Dei Verbum Chapter Eight.

HS/KC iv/08