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BCP Collects, Epistles and Gospels

Added Wednesday 5th November 2008

The first batch of commentaries on the BCP Collects, Epistles and Gospels has been published, from The First Sunday in Advent through to The Circumcision of Christ.

The next batch, from The Epiphany through to Quinquagesima (the Sunday before Lent) will be published in December. A PDF containing the entire collection of commentaries will be published in due course.

The Credit Crunch - Turning Back to Jesus

Added Friday 24th October 2008

Six new sermons have been added to the site, including Christian Ethics which suggests that our response to the current economic difficulties must be to turn back to Jesus on a personal level. Other sermons include:

Additionally, three study sheets on the Psalms are now available.

Spring Autumnal Clean for Jesus4u

Added Tuesday 21st October 2008

As you may have noticed, Jesus4u has undergone a Spring Autumnal Clean. We are pleased to launch several new features, in addition to tidying up some parts of the website.

Over the coming months there will be several exciting additions to the website, including thousand-word commentaries on each of the Collects, Gospels and Epistles in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer; the launch of a new novel by Kevin Carey (keep your eye on perpetua.tv); and the usual flow of sermons, study sheets, and other articles.

The new features on the site include an integrated search-engine (rather than re-directing you to Google), improved category and article navigation, listing of sermons in liturgical order, and the "News & Updates" feature on the home page.

We hope that you like these additions. To keep up with all of the latest News and Updates here at Jesus4u, subscribe to our news-feeds (click the orange icons!). Do email us on comments@jesus4u.co.uk if you have any feedback.

Pentecost Chorale

Added Monday 1st September 2008

"Aria - Mary" taken from A Pentecost Cantata.

A1. All of the time I waited,
All of the time I cried;
Crowded with those who hated,
Empty the hour you died:
O Jesus, son, you came to save
But left me in this living grave.

A2. Pierced by Simeon's warning,
Pierced by every nail;
Struck by the early triumph,
Struck by your will to fail:
O Jesus, son, with so much given
You left me when you entered heaven.

A3. Strong in the face of weakness,
Weak in the face of power;
Days when you were victorious,
Lost in that final hour:
O Jesus, son, I need your love
But you are living far above.

A4. Rose in a field of thistles,
Crowned with your own blood thorn;
Flesh for a world in torment,
My flesh so sharply torn:
O Jesus, son, I should feel free
But languish in your agony.

B. Through the tears I followed in the crowd
Through the taunts I struggled to be proud
And saw your smile in the rain
And saw it flicker through the pain
O Jesus, son, I pray to see it again:

A5. Send down the Holy Spirit,
Send down the power of grace;
Help us to face the future
Clear in your wounded face:
O Jesus may the Spirit come
Then take me to our heavenly home.