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Added Sunday 6th December 2009

The star sparked snow enholographed,
Nature's guile brought to celebrate
A child en-haloed in the straw
In decorously poor estate.

Yet I would take enphotographed
For stars and snow clogged clouds and clay,
A man enthorned in purple scorn
In torturedly rich array.

As snow is cold cheer enepitpahed
Stars map space into time's demands;
But God enfleshed in suffering
Unwinds a shroud with wounded hands.

Advent Firesiders for 2009

Added Wednesday 18th November 2009

   At the end of a train journey we are fairly strictly
   demarcated as guest or host but in Advent the
   transaction works both ways: we are the earthly host of
   Jesus who comes as our guest; and he is our spiritual
   host in whom we live to dwell.

This year's Advent Firesiders — fireside reading for Advent — are now available in three parts: Waiting, Hoping and Arriving.

Jesus4u founder featured in Church Times

Added Monday 28th September 2009

Kevin Carey, founder of the Jesus4u website, has been featured on the back page of the Church Times. The interview covers various aspects of his life, including his chairmanship of RNIB and life within the church. Read the interview on the Church Times website.

The Infant King published by OUP

Added Thursday 17th September 2009

The text of Coda from The Infant King has been set by Alan Smith and is now available in The Oxford Book of Flexible Carols (Oxford University Press)

  1. A dancing snow flake calms a bleating lamb
    A star shine cheers a weary king
    A berry stores the blood unshed
    In the beginning. 
  2. An angel sets alight the secret sky
    A chorus makes the whole world sing
    A mother hums a lullaby
    In the beginning.

        The snow melts and the star declines
        The blood bursts in the gloom
        An angel bears a golden cup
        On the darkest afternoon: 
  3. A lamb starts awake in a golden haze
    An angel greets the risen king
    A mother feels her womb ablaze
    In the beginning.

BCP Commentaries

Added Sunday 6th September 2009

The full set of Kevin Carey's Commentaries on the the Collects, Epistles and Gospels to be used throughout the year in the Book of Common Prayer is now available on Jesus4u.co.uk. This is the first time that that complete set of commentaries has been made available, and is the culmination of several year's work.

A handy PDF of the complete set can be downloaded for use with study groups, etc., in which each day is set out across two pages of A4 for convenience.

Eucharistic Meditation

Added Wednesday 1st July 2009

  1. We are not worthy to kneel at Thy altar fair
    But mend our promise in penitence and prayer,
    To seek Thy blessing of love and comfort rare,
    And eat Thy sacred food beyond compare.
  2. Where we are broken Thy Spirit offers Grace,
    And from our wandering restores us to our place,
    And in embracing we live in Thy embrace,
    Mended completely, healed by Thy ravaged face.
  3. Though we may falter Thy Sacrifice untold
    Lightens our journey, instructed and consoled,
    Towards Thy presence where in Thy saving fold
    Through bread and wine transformed Thy countenance to behold.

Twenty One from Eucharistic Meditations (Vol. 1)

Pastoral Care Training Pack

Added Monday 22nd June 2009

Jesus4u has produced a Pastoral Care Training Pack, providing a set of resources for preparing people who offer themselves for pastoral service within a structured setting under the direct supervision of an Ordained or Licensed Minister.

The pack is available to read online or download as a PDF along with an accompanying PDF containing resource material.

A challenge for liberals and an opportunity for Christians

Added Friday 5th June 2009

Kevin Carey says that Paul Kahn's book, Putting Liberalism in Its Place, is a challenge for liberals and an opportunity for Christians; the most important book on politics since John Rawls Theory of Justice (1971) of which it is a trenchant and perceptive criticism.


Added Thursday 2nd April 2009

He knelt before his Father in the garden,
Obscured by Shadows from the Paschal moon;
"Not my will, Abba
But thy will be done."

He stood before his father in the garden,
Illumined by the gold of Paschal sun;
"Not my death, Abba,
But new life begun."

Good Friday Meditations

Added Monday 23rd March 2009

As Good Friday quickly approaches, it is time to start reflecting on the events of Holy Week. This year's Good Friday meditations — At the Foot of the Cross — explore how we collectively sanction sin in our daily lives, often by inaction as much as by action.