General (Vol. 4 - John Beer)

Great God, our threefold gift of unity Tune: O Gibbons  Song 1

  1. Great God, our threefold gift of unity,
    Our source of worth and truth, unbounded space.
    Your word is music to the spheres of heaven,
    Creation’s silent witness to your grace.
    We praise you for our universal breath,
    For mind and sense, eternal Love’s embrace.
  2. O Father of a wise and foolish love
    Who did not spare your son, your only son.
    You came to meet us as we journeyed home,
    To seek forgiveness for all good undone.
    Have pity on your children as they pray,
    That by your word of truth we may be one.
  3. O Christ the son, once cloistered in our flesh,
    True character of God’s immensity;
    The currency of heav’n, imprinted face
    Of your redeeming gift, our destiny.
    So spend us that we may our treasure find;
    In losing all, enrich our poverty.
  4. O Holy Spirit, comforter divine,
    First hovering wind above the waters’ bound;
    You called your saints to serve without delay,
    And gave them language conqu’ring Babel’s sound.
    Teach us to leave behind all empty self,
    And root our precious lives in holy ground.
  5. To Father, Son and Spirit, ever three,
    Of God’s mysterious unity the sum,
    Be praise and glory now and evermore,
    For all that is, and has been, and to come.
    Create, redeem, inspire us with your truth,
    And bring us at the last to heaven’s home.

© John Beer 2001