General (Vol. 4 - John Beer)

Heavenly banquet, God’s release  Tune: O Gibbons Song 13

  1. Heavenly banquet, God’s release;
    Eucharistic bond of peace;
    Christ’s communion in one breath;
    Consecration by his death.
  2. Holy supper, victory won;
    Foretaste of a risen Son;
    Pattern of our sins forgiven;
    Mingled cup, the wine of heaven. 
  3. Very presence, hidden grace;
    Christ’s own sacramental face;
    Source of ordinary joy;                   
    Body, blood, in God’s employ.
  4. Tokens of a piercéd side;
    Adam’s hunger satisfied;
    Sustenance in mystery;
    Medicine of immortality.

© John Beer 2001