General (Vol. 4 - John Beer)

O God, our story’s author, and its end Tune: O Gibbons Song 24

  1. O God, our story’s author, and its end, 
    Whose Son was seen on earth in human frame,
    You chose unworthy friends to be with him
    In those last days when hate and danger came;
    But also strangers, those who come and go,
    Brief sharers in Christ’s suffering and shame
  2. A nameless man with water was the one,
    Amidst the pilgrim crowds, to be the sign,
    So strange, which led Christ’s frail disciples on
    To the right place where he and they would dine.
    He plays his silent part so they may taste
    Their Lord’s own suffering in the bread and wine.  
  3. As Christ was led to his dark Golgotha
    They pressed a man of Cyrene to their will.
    He lifted up the sacrificial wood
    And bore it for our captive Lord, until
    His part was done, and his own life was free
    Once more to witness death on Calvary’s hill.
  4. A maid within the courtyard of the Priest
    Confronts the once bold Peter lurking near;
    The fire lights up a face which others knew,
    An accent in his speech makes all things clear.
    His words betray him, and his faithful Lord,
    The crowing cock reminds him of his fear.  
  5. We have no sense of what they thought or said,
    These unknown characters whom you had cast
    Within the story of your saving grace,
    Their parts remembered, though their time is past.
    Intrude upon our lives, O Lord, that we
    May serve you and your Son unto the last.

© John Beer 2001