General (Vol. 4 - John Beer)

God, who first formed us, dust to precious life Tune: O Gibbons Song 22

  1. God, who first formed us, dust to precious life,
    Who searched us out, and knew us in our strife;
    You make us for yourself, but grace sets free
    The human heart to love you willingly. 
  2. Speak Lord, we listen, silent, still small voice;
    With un-constraining speech direct our choice.
    O purify desire, increase our sight,
    Give ears to hear, make darkness into light. 
  3. We are frail vessels, tossed about by fear,
    Your call makes all our tidy hopes unclear.
    Our face turns back to that which lies behind,
    You lead us on again with wills refined.
  4. Lord of the vineyard, pruner of the vine,  
    You seek to train us to bring forth new wine.
    Press us for service, and produce the best
    That we can offer to our wedding guest.
  5. As you chose Mary, to bring forth a son
    To be her Lord’s possession, not her own.
    Help us to be wise stewards of our call,
    Not ours, but yours, a gift of grace for all. 
  6. Our life’s vocation is humility,
    The service of your will, and sanctity;
    So, make us instruments of peace, and play
    Upon us music fit for heaven’s day.

© John Beer 2001