Advent Firesiders

Favourite Things (2016)

It would be churlish, even wrong, to leave without a cheerful note; after all 'tis the season to be jolly.

So here are ten things that make me jolly; a bit predictable, I admit, but that is part of our pleasure:

  1. The advent Calendar (without chocolate) unfolding the story.
  2. Advent Carols which are, on the whole, much more rewarding than Christmas Carols and, anyway, it's better to travel than arrive.
  3. Sending Christmas cards. A bit old fashioned now but still gives the illusion of keeping in touch.
  4. Making lists.
  5. Buying and dressing the tree, putting quantity of decoration over good taste.
  6. Carol singing in the cold which rarely happens because of climate change.
  7. Christmas Eve at King's College which I've only missed twice in 55 years.
  8. The smell of turkey when you wake up on Christmas morning.
  9. Playing Bach's Christmas Oratorio after the Parish Christmas Eucharist.
  10. My pile of Dickens and Jane Austen waiting to be read or viewed in lengthy DVD sessions.

I know, I should have said all sorts of other things about being in church, enjoying family and friends but we do these all year round.

I was about to wish us all a Happy New Year but I'm not that optimistic. So, a quiet, purposeful, reflective new year to us all.

Kevin Carey