Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 4)

Child for Us All

(Aria after Bach)

Child for us all,
Born in darkness and cold; and so small;
No power to fight
But the weakness of man to be right.

He suffered our hurt,
His glory laid by,
The wonder of God in our flesh, in the dirt,
Was too hard to descry.

Child for us all,
Always tender and strong when we call
No favourites of fashion nor bone
But the weakness of love for each one.

He knows our disdain,
He feels our distress,
Our cross is his cross and his pain is our pain
Which enfleshes redress.

Child for us all,
Never counting the times when we fall;
No glitter nor guile to assuage
But his being in us to engage.

His weakness divine.
A babe in a stall
In poor Palestine.
Child for us all.