Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 4)

Good Cheer!

Light the candles,
Dress the tree,
Put the crib upon the mantel.
Buy warm gifts,
Make provision,
Crown the baubles with an angel:

For Jesus is coming with light
On a Winter's night.

Merry face,
Arms embrace,
Love those whom you do not like.
Feed the lonely
At your table,
Break the tension with a joke:

For Jesus is the Word
Told to shepherds.

Enjoy gifts,
Raise a glass,
Everything for all who come:
Make some time,
Make some space,
Make your house into a home:

For Jesus is visited by kings
With exotic offerings.

Bring new hope,
Take new strength,
Plan to be a little better:
One more prayer,
One more smile,
One more offering for the stranger:

For Christ is with us all the year,
Good cheer.