Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 4)

Half a Story

Dim the light,
Shut the door,
A new born baby is sleeping in the straw;
Voices low,
Until day,
Our Saviour Jesus is lying in the hay.

Shut the door,
Dim the light,
The good news of the angels on this Christmas night
Is cancelled out
By the bad,
Prepare to run away, shaken and sad.

Close the door,
Douse the light,
It seems that nothing happened on that Winter night;
Rusty lamp,
Crumbling door,
It's hard now to remember what the star was for.

But it shines
Night and day,
Lighting his Christmas presents on their way:
Myrrh and frankincense
And gold:
It feels that only half a story has been told.