Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 4)

The Apple

Adam lived in a garden
And it was fair and green;
And God gave him a maiden,
The fairest ever seen:
And all that marred their pleasure
Was a shining apple gold
That they were not to eat of
As our Creator told.

But slithered up the serpent
And said to comely Eve,
This fruit will never harm you
But bless you, I believe:
For you will have the knowledge
As adults to behave;
And remain as children
As God says he would have.

But as soon as they had eaten
The sweet to bitter turned;
And God stern said to Adam
Your victuals must be earned
And as for you, so tempted,
New life will bring you pain
And between you and the serpent
An issue will remain.

But then was born a maiden
Spotless and fair as Eve,
Visited by an Angel
Who said she would conceive:
And give to us a saviour
True God and yet true man:
To free us of the apple
Where our sorrows began.