Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 3)

The Rose

See the rose in Summer glory,
Bloom of the Creator's plan;
Symbol of the joy of Mary
When she carried God made man:
Hers the beauty grief could never
Tarnish as she faced the tomb,
Magnified in Christ forever
In the transformed Upper room.

God whose love in incarnation
Broke the bonds of time and space
Through his Son for our salvation,
Comforter in our disgrace:
From his birth to crucifixion,
From the Cross to hell on earth,
Jesus suffers our infliction,
Source and witness of new birth.

Spirit of Christ's consummation,
Source of life when all seemed lost,
In the words of consecration
And the fire of Pentecost:
Help us honour all creation,
Live the Kingdom hour by hour;
Filled with hope and expectation
Of the Triune love and power.