Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 3)

The Wonder of Jesus

Melt away the snow,
Explain away the star,
Normalise the wise men who travelled from afar:
Still there is a king,
Lying in the straw,
Nothing has been altered of what he came for:
The wonder of Jesus,
Now and forevermore.

Take away the song
Of angels in the sky
And Mary intoning a gentle lullaby:
Still there is good news
For the lowly and the poor,
A saviour among us, to heal and restore:
The wonder of Jesus
Now and evermore.

Take away the gifts,
Take away the tree,
Take away the stress from the hard-pressed family:
Still there is enough
In the Christ child's superstore,
Gifts beyond measure of what the prophets saw:
The wonder of Jesus
Ours forevermore.