Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)


  1. The spy said:
    "There is a strange pattern in the movement of kings,
    Connected, somehow, with heavenly happenings".
  2. The mandarin said: "There is a strong prospect of a King of the Jews,
    We think it best to keep this out of the news".
  3. The Guard said: "We could easily handle any civil unrest;
    But think pre-emptive violence would be best".
  4. The Council said: "Force is required because the case is so urgent;
    But it will not set a precedent".
  5. The King said: "Stability is more important than blood;
    Let all the infant boys die for the common good".
  6. The NGO said: "We have tried to preserve the rights of the child;
    But those who escaped death have been exiled."