Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)


At the town bar
The soldiers bark
Out of the dark;
She cries out-
side all the inns a-shout;
He  bargains so hard
For a filthy yard
Lit by a radiant star.

Hold the lamp near:
Lord! Is he dead?
A man-child like the angel said.
Calm homecoming
And then the trouble only kings can  bring.
Turning back on the old freedom road
With rumours prodding like a goad
Up to the border.

In the tumbled town
Hysteria's slaughter wreaks
Impartial as Rachel Shrieks.
What king would ye?
From Saul to Herod, nought of liberty.
He is exiled where you lack for straw.
His empire of the poor
Will bring all monarchs down.