Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

The Refugee

Shepherds come with angel song
- In the sky, in the sky -
Of rich for poor and right for wrong
- In the sky in the sky -
They bring a lamb in fear and wonder
Then run away to the dark yonder.

Princes come with cymbal clang
- Far away, far away -
With gifts of glitter, pomp and tang
- Far away, far away -
They half-kneel to a doubtful king
And drop dark hints of suffering.

A child, I flee from my war-torn land
- Woe the day, woe the day -
With only false papers in my hand
- Woe the day, woe the day -
The soldiers threaten him with danger
Let me climb into the manger.

Inspired by Christmas sermon recounting the refugee child's offer to keep Jesus warm in the manger.