Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

Sweet Jesus

(inspired by the Holy Well 16th century anon)

  1. Sweet Jesus said unto Mary
    Pray give me leave to play
    But fellows young and lusty said
    We must avow Thee nay
    For we in gentle homes were born
    Thee in a manger lay:
    Sweet little king
    What suffering.
  2. Sweet Jesus said unto Our God
    I willingly will die
    For humble man Ye made me be
    My Godhead to empty:
    Living as poor, not of the law,
    Made more our  victory:
    Sweet little king
    What suffering.
  3. Now mother I am risen up
    My father's Glory shown;
    Richness hath come from poverty
    More than ever man hath known;
    And thou wilt play in heaven above
    As it will be thine own:
    Sweet little king;
    What revelling.