Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

The Grand Vista

  1. In one grand vista opening wide
    We comprehend Salvation's scheme
    Unfolding in the candle light
    Of prophet's cry and exile's dream:
    The promise of Our Saviour's birth
    Has brought redemption into view;
    What was projected in The Old
    Will be constructed in The New.
  2. We shall not mind the cold and damp
    In contemplation of  our hope
    Based on the promise You have made
    Not paradigm nor horoscope:
    Yet we must strive for penitence
    Amid the festive atmosphere
    And keep our purple advent watch
    Until the red of Christ draws near.
  3. We see the distant star arise
    And then familiar scenes unfold,
    Of shepherds, choirs and massacre,
    Of monarchs, politics and gold:
    Yet, in our hearts, we know The Cross
    Is standing on a distant hill;
    And know that birth and death are joined,
    Obedient to the Father's will.