Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)


  1. The Lord of salvation lay bloody and weak
    As the wind raked the hillsides so barren and bleak;
    The clouds in the night sky were lowering and grey:
    A nail in the manger, a thorn in the hay.
  2. The cattle were restless, the shepherds unsure
    As they thought it demeaning to worship the poor;
    It was they, not the sheep, who were likely to stray:
    A lamb all-a-blemish, the crowd run away.
  3. The purple-wrapped gifts of myrrh, incense and gold
    Were the fruits of extortion and violence untold;
    Did they visit the Saviour to pray or to prey?
    A rent in the curtain, the king for a day.
  4. Yet she saw the star and the light in the sky
    As the angelic choir praised the Lord God on high;
    And her own special angel had promised to stay:
    A rose in the desert, the stone rolled away.