Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)


  1. Take a quiet step
    In the gloomy stable
    As the lantern fades in the dawn;
    Greet the king of kings
    In a cattle manger,
    God's son and our brother is born:
        Jesus!  Such a tiny baby
        Born for us today;
        May we grow with you
        through the years
        May we wipe away each other's tears:
  2. Watch the shepherds come
    In a trance of wonder
    As they tell of angels on high;
    Now he wakes and smiles
    At the lamb they offer,
    See his mother silently cry:
  3. Walk with me in tinsel
    And fruitless splendour
    As the world demands all my care;
    You are mine, I am yours
    Even though I wander
    I will always know you are there: