Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

Look down upon the dreary street

  1. Look down upon the dreary street
    With special care this bitter night
    And in self sacrifice retreat
    From those found worthy in our sight:
    May we, as agents, transfer hope
    To those who lack the strength to cope.
  2. May we bring light to dark despair
    And spread warmth in the coldest place;
    Temper the justice all must share
    With mercy and the work of Grace:
    May we behave as if we were
    Those who are lost and do not care.
  3. As we adorn the homely crib
    And deck the tree with charms and lights,
    May we be generous and not grab
    And care for all our neighbours' rights:
    May we be thankful for our homes
    As places where Our Lord may come:
  4. But know His home is with the poor,
    His strength most lavished on the weak,
    That the new baby we adore
    Is yet the servant all may seek:
    May we be more like Him today
    And smile where we would turn away.