Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

The Desert Rose

  1. The waste will blossom as a rose
    When our Redeemer comes at last;
    His lovingkindness will disclose
    the veiled promise of the past:
    The exile of our sin complete,
    We will return with joyful feet.
  2. The desert will bring forth a spring
    That we may be baptised anew,
    A highway to our new born king
    Will open for the strong and true:
    Our strength and truth in holiness
    Born of the Saviour we confess.
  3. Where harps were silent they will play,
    Where teardrops fell, laughter will rise;
    We long now for that happy day
    When Jesus in the manger lies:
    Then we will dance and sweetly sing
    A welcome to our new born King.