Advent to Candlemas (Vol. 2)

Stranger in Bethlehem

Ladies: Look kindly on a maiden fair
Fear in her eyes, wind in her hair;
Will he be born before they come there?
Strangers in Bethlehem.

Men: There is no room for strangers here,
So full of care and full of fear,
Bide in that stable, not in here,
Strangers in Bethlehem.

All: Then in the darkness her child was laid
Strawsharp; and troubled the gentle maid
Watched as the shepherds their tribute paid;
Strangers in Bethlehem.

All: Starbright and sunburst the break of day,
Fleeting repose in the scented hay;
Mayhem and flight as the soldiers slay
Strangers in Bethlehem.

Solo child: Infant divine but a child like me,
Here is my gift of a melody
That in my heart you will never be
A stranger in Bethlehem.